Centre Ave. Massage & Spa


I first went to Centre Ave. Massage & Spa after a referral from a frequent customer, a friend and close neighbor.

At the time, I had complaints of serious back pain for a number of years. I had already ruptured a spinal disc, which was operated on by a top Pittsburgh surgeon. The surgery was successful, but I still had back pain. No one could help with the stiffness, the pain, and the associated endless pain.

Or, I should say, no one could help much until I had a session with Becky. Becky addressed my back pain, along with my overall comfort and well-being, in a way that was completely new to me. She approached me as a whole person. The spinal surgery was only a small part of her diagnosis.

She set my hips straight, made me more calm and I left her session feeling better than I ever had before.

I've tried many massage therapists, all over town and throughout the country. None can compare to the treatment I've received at Centre Ave. Massage & Spa, especially under the care of Becky.

A very satisfied customer,
- Matt F. Pittsburgh 15206

I love everything about this spa, from the welcoming atmosphere that meets me at the door and the warm greetings from the reception area staff to the fantastic massages and spa services that I receive. The rooms are clean, orderly, and tastefully decorated. All the people I have met there are courteous and friendly professionals. I like the respect that is shown to all the clients, making each of us feel that we are the only client they have. I look forward with great anticipation to MY spa time. While Becky is regular MY therapist (she makes me giggle), I would feel quite pleased and comfortable to have any of the staff to provide me with a requested service.

- Naomi L. Pittsburgh 15206

Coming to Center Avenue Massage is a real treat -- it's a warm, friendly environment with top-quality massage! I've had massage therapy all over the country -- including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC -- and Anissa is one of the best therapists I've ever had. She's intuitive, whip-smart, and professional; she's helped me work out back issues that most masseuses can't even identify. I highly recommend her!

- A friend of Centre Ave.

Massage therapy has been an important part of my life for the last 20 years. I have been a frequent guest of many top spas around the world and have never had a therapist like Anissa. Massage has always been important to me as part of my wellness program and an essential activity to decompress from the stress involved in running a business. Anissa has been my massage therapist for the last four years, and she is the best I have ever experienced. Her technique and ability to read what is going on with my body is right on. She is a kind and sensitive young woman, who is an asset to her profession. I will miss her greatly when she departs to Arizona. Additionally, I am extremely impressed with the Center Avenue Massage & Spa management. They have well trained therapists and outstanding customer service. In these stressful times, they create an oasis of calm which is invaluable to their clients.

- A friend of Centre Ave.

I believe I have used 5 ouf of 7 therapists at Centre Ave. Massage. It is quite unusual for anyone with chronic pain disease to feel comfortable enough to use any therpiast that is available. Each has their own way of healing and dealing with the problem that is the issue at the time.

I already was saddened to see one of the therapists move out of state and now I believe Anissa will be leaving us soon. I am definately not looking forward to that day when she has to pack up. One becomes friends with everyone after weekly visits. A smile and laughter greet you as you enter the spa lobby.

"It is almost like home on a cold winter night, warm and fuzzy."

I thank all of you for helping me with whatever comes my way.

- D.M.

My hips and my back and legs never felt better. The season recently ended and I find it necessary to thank you for loosening my hips before I left for camp becuase I had no instances of back issues while playing (which is the first time I was free from back issues durring football in 3 years).

- Emmanuel M. Pittsburgh 15235

I met Angel one month prior to a hysterectomy. I discussed coming in after my surgery for a massage and she introduced me to Arvigo Massage. I returned home to research what it did. I called the next day to schedule an appointment with Angel to do the massage. I was amazed with the in depth detail of my medical history she reviewed with me, which was necessary in order for her to proceed. Angel is extremely knowledgeable in Arvigo and Massage Therapy. She explained everything that was happening and educated me on how to administer my own therapy on a daily basis. When I emerged from her spa I was a changed person. She has truly touched my life. I am not sure if everyone experiences the same results, but I am happy to announce that Iwas able to cancel my surgery. I no longer experience excruciating pain, which I lived with for 18 months. I no longer have bloating. My body is returning to its natural state. I am a new person. I feel like Angel has given me a new lease on life. She truly is an Angel. I never would have expected something as simple as Arvigo Massage could change my life. I urge anyone with reproductive issues, gynecological issues, prostate issues or digestive issues to contact Angel to see how she can bring relief to your situation.

- Lisa F. Pittsburgh 15226

You have restored my faith. I had really lost hope again or at least started to because the pain was getting so bad and because I had gotten off track with everything...it's sure nice to know I have someone to help me get back on track though if I do get off again.

So last night in the middle of the night something very, very, very strange happened....Right after the session I had a little soreness, then about a half hour to an hour after ALL PAIN went AWAY. I had almost a pain free night....It's so amazing to me that one session can make that much of a difference in me.

Today I put my new brace on (not sure how I feel about it yet) and got in my standing frame. Now you want to talk about amazing....So when in my standing frame I could actually FEEL all the way down to my toes!!! Not a 'normal' feel mind you but I've NEVER ever since my accident been able to sense my calves, feet and toes. NEVER! Its like things are coming alive! I have felt of sensed my hips and glutes, but not much lower...UNTIL NOW!

- Molly

As a customer experiencing Cindy's master of the craft for some number of years, I can attest to her ability in her profession. However, it was not until recently when I needed an orthopedic treatment for an injury that I truly experienced how she mastered this work. Cindy has an ability to heal in a manner that no other professional was able to accomplish.

I would recommend her to anyone who commands excellence.

- Stephanie B.