Centre Ave. Massage & Spa

COVID-19 Information

New Arrival Protocol

The health and wellness of our clients has always been paramount for Centre Ave Massage & Spa. Massage requires close contact between the client and the massage therapist. With that in mind, we are taking extraordinary measures to promote the safety of not only our clients, but our staff as well. We appreciate your cooperation so that we can safely return to work and help all of our clients on their journey towards wellness. If you have any questions please call our front desk at 412-353-9393. We have implemented the following measures while you are a guest in our spa:

  • Our Front Desk Staff will be working remotely to reduce contact with our clients and our staff. All appointments will be scheduled over the phone and we strongly encourage  contactless payment. All client forms will also be filled out in advance online for paperless contact.
  • All appointments must be confirmed over the phone and the client must answer screening questions with our staff during the confirmation.
  • Our Spa is limiting our operations to 50% capacity and we are not offering services which we will be unable to keep with social distancing guidelines as set forth by the CDC. We will also be staggering appointments so that our staff and clients will have less interaction with one another.
  •  Arrival time for all clients is set at 10 minutes prior to the service start time. Upon arrival please call the scheduling line at 412-353-9393 to notify the front desk staff that you are there and your massage therapist will direct you to the proper entrance to let you in the building. Due to our front desk staff working remotely and following CDC social distancing guidelines, we will not have a waiting room available.
  • We will be taking the temperature of all staff upon arrival for work each day, and for each client when they arrive for their massage. All staff and clients with temperatures over 100℉ will be asked to leave.
  • All clients and massage therapists must wear masks during the length of the service. If you forget your mask at home, we will have them available, but due to the difficulty of finding available masks we will be charging $5 for each mask.
  • In addition to a mask all therapists will be wearing a new apron for each session and may choose to wear a face shield. Therapists will also be spraying the rest of their clothing and shoes with disinfectant in between each session. 
  • All clients must change into our disinfected sandals to wear into the room to reduce the risk of exposure even further. If you are unable to remove your shoes your therapist will spray a disinfectant on them before you enter the spa.
  •  Clients will be directed to the restroom first so that they can wash their hands before entering the massage room. All surfaces will be disinfected between each client and will be deep cleaned every evening after we close.
  • As always, the linens on our massage tables are changed between each client. All surfaces will be disinfected between each client and each room will be deep cleaned every evening after we close.

Promptness is important. Our staff is following a disinfecting protocol between each client and appointment times are staggered to limit contact between clients and staff. Your appointment will be cut short if you arrive late, and you will be charged the cancellation fee and asked to reschedule if you are more than 30 minutes late.